Sunday, July 6, 2014

!!!!!!!!!!!NEW CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*blows dust off of things, sweeps a bit, coughs a ton, pulls over a chair from the dark shadows of the back of the room, whipes it off, turns it towards you, and sits down, crossing their arms on what should be the back of the chair*

Hallo everynyan, Howare yew? Fine,shankyew!

I um, didn't expect to be back here posting , but as the brilliant Professor Farnsworth once said, "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!"

I got bored of being dead, so I decided to quit being dead!


for any of you following my old channel, a new video has been posted on my old youtube channel linking you to that shit! Or you know, if you don't WANT to go to my old youtube channel, you could just go!


I haven't really been blogging in awhile, I mean I wouldn't count tumblring anyway, I don't write much there.. xwx

Maybe I'll start blogging again? maybe I'll get more serious about VLOGGING? (sounds painful!)

As far as I much has changed in my life! It's crazy, I don't know that I'll write about it but you can drop me a message at if you just want to catch up or something!

Anyway though thanks for reading this! I'm surprised you'd look at this old yeah!


Friday, December 9, 2011

To be honest, anyone can see, this blog is pretty dead beyond the occasional 1-2 month apart post.  I haven't had the time to keep it up, or the progress to fill it with (seeing as the thing that kept me busy also gets in the way of my progress...)

So with that, I'm kinda calling an unofficial hiatus here. I'll keep the blog up for reading's sake. For old memories sake, but beyond that, I will not be updating, unless   things come up totally worth updating about and if that happens then I'll probably become active more again.

For now I won't stop towards my goals, but I will stop towards posting ehre for now...seeing as it is not doing much for me x.x

Cya later, space cowboy.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Right now, my film is only an infant, a fetus even. How then can I simply abandon it? A poor father gives up on their child before it has even grown, but a good father instead roots for his child and puts his faith and belief into his kid hoping that they will become the best they can be and trying their best to support them towards that. To this end, I will not give up on the idea that is my future film, but realize that it truly is weak, but that with proper care and support, it will grow into a strong thing able to stand on it’s own without my support.

For selfish reasons, I have questions of my own of things I have failed to find answers for myself, so perhaps if I raise this infant to adulthood, I will find that the answers I’ve been looking for have been hidden with it, and perhaps it will hand over the secrets which have eluded me.

All this to say, my script is not finished, my film is not dead, I am not giving up.

Even if this blog dies, I will not, and my ideas will not.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

oh yeah! story writing!

I guess I forgot to mention o.o I've been writing a pilot story/script type thing for my big film idea.. The idea itself has been years in the making, I've wanted to make the story and I've tried a few different ways in my life ( comics, rpg maker, roleplaying it) So now I'm simply writing, and if it works well enough then I'll adjust and fix up what I don't like and make it more script n_n

I'd write more but I am almost falling asleep here at the computer, bottom line, I am writing a story that may become my first film one day! Ni NI world!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Why so poly?

You know what I find kinda annoying about 3d animators in the industry (and even in hobbyist circles) ?
They are TOO OBSESSED with 3D! What I mean is..they push the polys like crazy! Everything has to be super hightech. You know like being able to see the very wrinkles in the skin and such! but why? Por quĂ©?!

I find the old movies are good examples. Think back to like any classic animated film. Think of one, mostly 80's and further back. Now did they have wrinkles in their skin? maybe ..maybe some? but not most. Why? because hand drawn animation took a lot more out of an animator to do..he doesnt want to do super detailed man every single frame! It's like naruto..I believe I read Sasuke was supposed to have this indian looking necklace thing? I forget what it was exactly but the point was they cut it out cause the artist didnt want to re-draw that every frame of his manga! Things like that are normal in any hand-drawn animation because it's just too much work per frame.

But did that stop the film from being awesome? Some of the biggest classics were made on those techniques. They didn't have the highest detail but you want to know what they did have? They had awesome stories and characters! Those things are the core of the movie, the writing. If your writing is weak, what will your movie be? It will be tron ^ ^ nice effects and lame story. I liked tron for the effects! but the movie's story was VERY weak. And that goes for both of them IMO!

I've been thinking, why does everything have to be so high poly? Why isnt the story the core half the time if not more? I think there's a lot you can do with an awesome story..and as for looks? Be creative! A limited budget on polygon's forces you to figure out interesting ways to make something look nice within it's limits. Master that! That's what I'm trying to do..

I've always been interested in learning how to make the simple stuff look great. I'd still like to know how to make high quality stuff but that's just for knowledge's sake. I'd also like better computers just cause my frames like to take 60+ seconds per-frame with complicated lighting and such. I'd like to be able to have free reign on lighting ^  ^

btw look up David O'Rielly ! I mean warning, some of his stuff is offensive, but he uses low poly everything and he's kinda a sensation right now n_n

Oh and look! I made a thingy thing!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Remember how I'm that video group?

Well this is the newest video we've finished ^ ^

Saving Pirate Ryan, Bored Weekend Studios, 10/24/2011

Hope you enjoy ^ ^

one down for Joel one more to go for him..

and..two more to go for me.. :3

Monday, September 19, 2011

You're Bored?!

"I'm Bored", "Nm just sitting around bored", "I'm freaking bored" -many people

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like people say ^ those ^ things a lot these days.  Always complaining about having nothing to do and such.  Always griping about how they are sooo Bored.  Really?  You're bored?

The fact that people can afford to be bored is strange enough, but the fact that people can even be bored is stranger!  Especially in this day and age!

I don't know, maybe it's just those creative types who are never bored....nope I've heard the same things out of their mouths too.

Just to put some context on this, I'll use myself for example.

If I'm not filming, animating, directing, acting in, writing, or editing a video, then I might instead be making graphics for the video, a logo, a personal project, a website/social site (this blog for example), or who knows what else, it could be t-shirts or bussiness cards or even just making my profile picture look golly-gee swell : 3

Then if I'm not doing either of those things I might be chatting with someone online, browsing the internet (which could be a list in itself), playing games (of which there are a ton of them, priced or free), even maybe making some music or playing with sound editing (something I really need to do more).

And lets not forget outside of the computer.  I could be hanging out with friends and doing who knows what with them.  I could be drawing or playing music. I could go on walks or explore or drive around town if I felt like it. I could call someone on the phone (which I rarely do) or I could be watching tv (another thing I rarely do). And ofcourse don't forget about listening to music or reading a book ( or heck, writing a book n__n )

Ofcourse usually I don't have time for a lot of this because I go to college, so right there is more stuff to do I can be at class or if I'm not I could be home studying or doing my homework or doing extra to get ahead.

And that's barely the limit of what I or anyone can do!  COME ON GUYS!  "I'm bored" is no longer an excuse, maybe once in awhile when you are cut off from everything? But is that even common? Maybe for some not for me, so idk I'm like biased or something.

Next time you're bored. I suggest don't say "I'M BORED D;" DO SOMETHING INSTEAD :D

You can choose to not be bored...

and that concludes this rant, here, have a video

Are you bored?