Sunday, July 6, 2014

!!!!!!!!!!!NEW CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*blows dust off of things, sweeps a bit, coughs a ton, pulls over a chair from the dark shadows of the back of the room, whipes it off, turns it towards you, and sits down, crossing their arms on what should be the back of the chair*

Hallo everynyan, Howare yew? Fine,shankyew!

I um, didn't expect to be back here posting , but as the brilliant Professor Farnsworth once said, "GOOD NEWS EVERYONE!"

I got bored of being dead, so I decided to quit being dead!


for any of you following my old channel, a new video has been posted on my old youtube channel linking you to that shit! Or you know, if you don't WANT to go to my old youtube channel, you could just go!


I haven't really been blogging in awhile, I mean I wouldn't count tumblring anyway, I don't write much there.. xwx

Maybe I'll start blogging again? maybe I'll get more serious about VLOGGING? (sounds painful!)

As far as I much has changed in my life! It's crazy, I don't know that I'll write about it but you can drop me a message at if you just want to catch up or something!

Anyway though thanks for reading this! I'm surprised you'd look at this old yeah!


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