Monday, September 19, 2011

You're Bored?!

"I'm Bored", "Nm just sitting around bored", "I'm freaking bored" -many people

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like people say ^ those ^ things a lot these days.  Always complaining about having nothing to do and such.  Always griping about how they are sooo Bored.  Really?  You're bored?

The fact that people can afford to be bored is strange enough, but the fact that people can even be bored is stranger!  Especially in this day and age!

I don't know, maybe it's just those creative types who are never bored....nope I've heard the same things out of their mouths too.

Just to put some context on this, I'll use myself for example.

If I'm not filming, animating, directing, acting in, writing, or editing a video, then I might instead be making graphics for the video, a logo, a personal project, a website/social site (this blog for example), or who knows what else, it could be t-shirts or bussiness cards or even just making my profile picture look golly-gee swell : 3

Then if I'm not doing either of those things I might be chatting with someone online, browsing the internet (which could be a list in itself), playing games (of which there are a ton of them, priced or free), even maybe making some music or playing with sound editing (something I really need to do more).

And lets not forget outside of the computer.  I could be hanging out with friends and doing who knows what with them.  I could be drawing or playing music. I could go on walks or explore or drive around town if I felt like it. I could call someone on the phone (which I rarely do) or I could be watching tv (another thing I rarely do). And ofcourse don't forget about listening to music or reading a book ( or heck, writing a book n__n )

Ofcourse usually I don't have time for a lot of this because I go to college, so right there is more stuff to do I can be at class or if I'm not I could be home studying or doing my homework or doing extra to get ahead.

And that's barely the limit of what I or anyone can do!  COME ON GUYS!  "I'm bored" is no longer an excuse, maybe once in awhile when you are cut off from everything? But is that even common? Maybe for some not for me, so idk I'm like biased or something.

Next time you're bored. I suggest don't say "I'M BORED D;" DO SOMETHING INSTEAD :D

You can choose to not be bored...

and that concludes this rant, here, have a video

Are you bored?


  1. Your tumblr blog is like beautiful exploding rainbow candies in my eyes. n_n

  2. Thankyou :3 eyes enjoy candies so I figure others might as well..