Friday, November 11, 2011

Why so poly?

You know what I find kinda annoying about 3d animators in the industry (and even in hobbyist circles) ?
They are TOO OBSESSED with 3D! What I mean is..they push the polys like crazy! Everything has to be super hightech. You know like being able to see the very wrinkles in the skin and such! but why? Por qué?!

I find the old movies are good examples. Think back to like any classic animated film. Think of one, mostly 80's and further back. Now did they have wrinkles in their skin? maybe ..maybe some? but not most. Why? because hand drawn animation took a lot more out of an animator to do..he doesnt want to do super detailed man every single frame! It's like naruto..I believe I read Sasuke was supposed to have this indian looking necklace thing? I forget what it was exactly but the point was they cut it out cause the artist didnt want to re-draw that every frame of his manga! Things like that are normal in any hand-drawn animation because it's just too much work per frame.

But did that stop the film from being awesome? Some of the biggest classics were made on those techniques. They didn't have the highest detail but you want to know what they did have? They had awesome stories and characters! Those things are the core of the movie, the writing. If your writing is weak, what will your movie be? It will be tron ^ ^ nice effects and lame story. I liked tron for the effects! but the movie's story was VERY weak. And that goes for both of them IMO!

I've been thinking, why does everything have to be so high poly? Why isnt the story the core half the time if not more? I think there's a lot you can do with an awesome story..and as for looks? Be creative! A limited budget on polygon's forces you to figure out interesting ways to make something look nice within it's limits. Master that! That's what I'm trying to do..

I've always been interested in learning how to make the simple stuff look great. I'd still like to know how to make high quality stuff but that's just for knowledge's sake. I'd also like better computers just cause my frames like to take 60+ seconds per-frame with complicated lighting and such. I'd like to be able to have free reign on lighting ^  ^

btw look up David O'Rielly ! I mean warning, some of his stuff is offensive, but he uses low poly everything and he's kinda a sensation right now n_n

Oh and look! I made a thingy thing!

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