Friday, December 9, 2011

To be honest, anyone can see, this blog is pretty dead beyond the occasional 1-2 month apart post.  I haven't had the time to keep it up, or the progress to fill it with (seeing as the thing that kept me busy also gets in the way of my progress...)

So with that, I'm kinda calling an unofficial hiatus here. I'll keep the blog up for reading's sake. For old memories sake, but beyond that, I will not be updating, unless   things come up totally worth updating about and if that happens then I'll probably become active more again.

For now I won't stop towards my goals, but I will stop towards posting ehre for now...seeing as it is not doing much for me x.x

Cya later, space cowboy.


  1. Hey good luck. Hope to see more from you sometime.

  2. Thankyou very much really, I hope that it won't be a long time before I'm more active here..I want to have more to talk about but life , while beneficial later, is holding me back in ways now..

    Chances are when I use this blog actively again, it will get an overhaul on the look and feel, and it will almost be like starting over again, exccept I'll keep the old posts n__n they are worth keeping to me.

    This post isn't to say I'm not around, just to say do not be surprised that I won't post here much for now..