Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Are You?

Do you ever feel lost? Like completely lost? Not in location but just no matter where you are.

You search and search for that thing called self. You may ask someone but they can't help, maybe you look deep into yourself but you no longer recognize your own insides, and even in the mirror it is just a stranger to you. In that mirror is you really, but not you. You on the outside, But WHO ARE YOU? Can you answer that?   Really?

 I think a lot of people laugh when others talk about "Finding themselves". Not out loud but on the insides, they think it. But everything is always funny until it happens to you right?

 I was thinking, maybe that is an artist's drive, maybe they think that art is their way of expressing themselves, and within expressing themselves, they learn who they are as much as we do if not worlds more so.

 Creating for the sake of self discovery. Maybe that's why? I'd like to know, why do artists create?

 and now I go to bed.

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